H5 Strategic Alliances
Company Overview

H5SA Strategic Alliances, LLC

a leading IT Consulting and Professional Services company with a world-class team of Internetwork Experts. With an average of 25 years of experience and multiple Subject Matter Experts on staff, our primary goal is to collaborate with your team and provide unparalleled support using our Information Technology expertise.

We are dedicated to aligning our services with your organization’s Mission, Vision, and Goals. Notably, our exceptional team excels in Enterprise Wireless and Security solutions, setting us apart as a reliable partner in navigating the ever-evolving IT landscape.


Empowering Secure Connectivity: Our Story

In a world where every individual owns an internet-connected device, the concept of security often took a backseat. Early on, people craved access more than protection, oblivious to the potential consequences of compromised data. With this rise in connectivity came a newfound vulnerability to malicious actors looking to exploit weaknesses, jeopardizing companies, organizations, and personal privacy.

Our Mission: Knowledge and Security

Responding to the call of “do you work on computers?” from non-profits, small businesses, and educational institutions, we saw an opportunity. Our journey began with a mission to empower organizations with the tools and knowledge to safeguard their expanding networks.

Collaboration for Impact

Uniting with like-minded partners, we wove a network of shared expertise. Subcontracting with larger allies, we strengthened our ability to provide holistic support to our clients.

Beyond Boundaries: Our Approach

The heart of H5 Strategic Alliances lies in decades of technical consulting, administrative skills, and management experience. Our strategy involves a blend of hardware, software, and network solutions, ensuring robust security with firewalls, routers, and more.

Evolving Excellence

From a simple vision in 2013, we’ve evolved into an award-winning IT professional services consulting firm. Our commitment to collaborative solutions has enabled us to bring the best minds in the industry together to enhance security, productivity, and scalability.

Nationwide Impact

Today, our impact extends across states like Texas, Nevada, and beyond. For dependable security solutions, connect with us at 832-851-8985 or info@h5sa.com.

New Achievement

Celebrating Excellence and Community Impact

H5SA Receives HMSDC's E-10 Award

We are thrilled and honored to share a remarkable achievement: H5 Strategic Alliances has been selected by the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (HMSDC) as a recipient of the prestigious Emerging 10 (E-10) award. This recognition marks a significant milestone in our journey and reflects our commitment to excellence, innovation, and community impact.

The Emerging 10 award is a testament to our dedication to growth, overcoming challenges, and contributing to the betterment of the communities we serve. This esteemed recognition is bestowed annually upon ten outstanding emerging minority business enterprises (MBEs) that have demonstrated exceptional achievements in various dimensions.

Awards & Recognition